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FAQ for Professionals

  • 01
    What is requested for the installation?

    Prior to the installation Oncotherm issues a pre-installation sheet to be informed about the conditions. It is highly recommended to ask our team to consult the place about the installation conditions. Generally, a room about 12 m2 is requested, but a room over 20 m2 would be optimal. Electric network with 16 A current supply is requested. A good ventilation (in smaller rooms air condition) is also proposed. (The room temperature can not be over 24 °C during the operation of the device. Please consider that both the power supply and the treatment bed are intensive heat sources.) A place for the easy patient handling as well as for the free moving of the operating staff around the treatment bed is desirable. Due to psychological reasons do not allow the patient and/or his/her accompanied persons to study the front panel parameters.

  • 02
    What is the intended use of the device?

    It is to treat tumor-diseases (irrespective its type [malignant or benign], its location and stage, its size, or its origin and metastatic status).

  • 03
    Who can install the device?

    The device must be installed, reinstalled, moved or replaced only by the specialised Oncotherm personnel.

  • 04
    Who is certified to use the device?

    Intended user of the device is a physician and/or trained clinical staff under the physician's control. The training of use and the certification is issued by Oncotherm Kft., based on the approval of the Notified Body, TÜV Product Service, München.

  • 05
    How can I be trained and certified?

    Oncotherm organizes your training and issues a certification to the persons involved.

  • 06
    Does the treatment have to be permanently monitored by a certified physician?

    Yes. However, the physician must not be present, he/she is only requested to be in a reachable distance.

  • 07
    What is the guarantee/warranty time duration?

    The guarantee/warranty for the device is two years, for disposables one year. But we offer service contracts covering maintenance and repairs for the following years.

  • 08
    Is the treatment reimbursed by the health insurance?

    In some countries yes. In others the costs are only covered by private insurance companies. Unfortunately there are also countries where no reimbursement is available yet.

  • 09
    Do I need to do something with the device before starting my daily routine or the treatment of an individual?

    The device has to be switched on at least 10 minutes before the treatment starts, (heating-up period). The device has a built-in self-test program controlling, adjusting and calibrating the unit before its use and after every reset. The medical staff responsible for the treatment/equipment should check the cables before each treatment. At any doubt about the intact isolation stop the treatment and call an immediate service check-up.

  • 10
    How is the technical service organized?

    Our service manager automatically sends reminders for the half year check up (STK). If you face any problem with the device please call our service staff giving as much information (error description, error code) as possible. We will send you an offer for repairs and after getting back your signature a service technician will be on site as soon as poccible.

  • 11
    How can I order the device?

    The device can be ordered directly from the Oncotherm headquarters in Germany or Hungary or (depending on the area) from the responsible distributor.

  • 12
    How do I position the applicator?

    Before the treatment, always carefully check the right position of the applicator over the treatable area. The treatment will be provided under the area of the bolus. Fix the applicator to keep it as smooth and as tight touching on the skin as possible. The applicator has a bolus with a transmitter fluid to have the best energy transmission toward the tumor. Note that the direct-contact placement of applicators on the skin has to be controlled carefully, because some increase in the temperature of the skin can occur. It will not be a sudden effect and can be indicated by the patient. Do not use the equipment improperly: it can be dangerous. In case of any doubts, always check with the user's manual or consult us.

  • 13
    What are the costs of the operation of the device?

    The electric power consumption is not more than a power of a household washing machine, and a trained personnel (it can be a nurse) is enough for the operation

  • 14
    Where may I study the device and its handling?

    Oncotherm has special reference places in the various areas. Contact our headquarters office for details.

  • 15
    Which applicators can be used?

    Use only the applicators which are supplied by Oncotherm Group. Do not use improper applicators, it can be dangerous and the treatment could be ineffective. Check the good cooling of the applicator before positioning it.

  • 16
    What is the treatment capacity of the device?

    Calculating in average 60 min treatment time, the patient-change and the fixing of the electrodes are not longer than 15 minutes. The unit itself is able to work without any break 24 hours a day.

  • 17
    What is the price of the device?

    Contact our headquarters office for details.

  • 18
    How can I clean the device?

    A wet textile tissue and some detergents and/or disinfecting/sterilizing fluid are sufficient. Do not clean the device or electrodes while the equipment is running. Do not use a cleaning textile-tissue so wet that the water could penetrate into any parts of the device. Do not use repeatedly any disposable material. Clean/disinfect the applicators before each treatment.

  • 19
    What is the lifetime of the device?

    The device's life-time is about 7 years with the everyday working use of 5 treatments in average.

  • 20
    Which financing facilities can I use for the Oncotherm device?

    If you wish we can make the contact to a leasing company that might be able to help you with the financing.

  • 21
    Can I provide something for the patient's benefit?

    During the treatment soft background music is suggested for psychological reasons (faster relaxing). Also a TV-set can be placed in the room for the patient's convenience.

  • 22
    How can I get upgrades for a used devices?

    The upgrade of the hardware and the software is available permanently for our customers. It is included in some service contracts and works or available for extra costs.

  • 23
    How is the delivery of the device organized?

    The delivery is directly organized by the Oncotherm headquarters or distributors throughout the world.

  • 24
    Can this RF-radiation cause any harm?

    This effect is identical with an FM radio-broadcast. This range of the radio-frequency treatment is not dangerous for patients and/or for the operating personnel, however it has an electro-magnetic effect on the surroundings. The radiation of the unit is carefully checked by the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. It could be used in any living areas without shielding - according to the TÜV approvals.

  • 25
    What means the name RIFE?

    Dr. R. Rife, was an American doctor, observing some important resonant effects. Unfortunately his explanations, as well as his experimental conditions were not enough to make a scientific achievement. We use a special (Radiation Initialized Field Effect, abbreviation: RIFE) to make the real effect. This effect is proven in some publications of the modern fractal-physiology.

  • 26
    How can I be informed about news in the Oncothermia field?

    Our website and newsletter will give you updated information regularly. We will let you know about the resultss of other doctors, new publications, conferences and more. Also you can find a lot of information about our devices, literature and users' manuals on our website and our scientific team is always happy to assist when you have questions.

  • 27
    Could the operating device affect other devices?

    The device is checked by the actual electromagnetic compatibility interference standards. However, it should be noted that microwaves could influence the Oncotherm equipment in the treatment room and vice-versa. Make sure that those machines are well shielded. There should be a separate room for these treatments to avoid any electromagnetic interference between the devices. Do not install the device in the vicinity of sensitive equipments (ECG, EEG, intensive-care control-monitor, ultra-sound, video-rectoscopy and/or other sensitive imaging systems, etc.) without the shielding. Shielding is also required to defend the EHY-2000 in the vicinity of large electro-magnetic sources and/or high-power machines (power transformer, X-ray units, NMR, CT, etc.)

  • 28
    Can I get help in my "marketing policy" informing my patients about the actualities and the activity of my clinic?

    Yes, we are ready to help you by informative materials, brochures, lectures, special collections and design as well.